Education Management

Increasingly Educational Institutions are facing challenges in proper organised communications to all Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff and Management. With multiple channels of communications like emails, SMS, portal, Video and telephone, maintaining and tracking unified communications is extremely important to create a thriving ecosystem of the engaged community. Planning class routine and schedules is one of the primary needs to run a better organised institution. Giving real time access to schedules to students and teachers is also critical. Scheduling examination, classes, assignments are all extremely convenient with our Education Management System. Try for yourself how Beyond School can easily help you fine tune your scheduling.

Manage your Institution Better With Education Management

Education Management provides you with the best feature for your management system

Acadamics Management

Teachers, Administrators can assign marks of students for every examination taken. The marks are stored within the system and can be viewed by the students and their parents from their respective logins. Teachers can create assignments for students which are visible and tractable to the students and also their parents from their respective logins. Integration with Google Classroom adds to your convenience.

Finance Management

Create expense categories, record expenses. Automatically track Income. our Education Management System allows you to create flexible fee structures. You can create fee categories, and fee types. Fee categories will help you to understand which category of fee is fetching you more revenue.

Unified Communication

Send bulk emails to selected group of recipients or all. Notify concerned recipients with auto triggered email alerts on invoice payment, assignments, notices and circulars, and more. Use default email system or even add pre integrated high performance email delivery servers from Mandrill and Sendgrid.

Multi Users

24 X 7 access to your Administrators, Teachers, Students, Parents & Accountant. Application provides access to all your stakeholders who get to see what they are expected. We simplified the complexity of user privileges so that you don’t need to worry about it.

Classes & Batches

Create Classes, Section, Batches and tag students to these to automate your actual school planning. Tag same student to multiple classes as well. our Education Management System support any combination of student to class mapping.


Create and publish a list of all examinations for the current academic year which will be visible to Teachers, Students and their parents using their respective logins.

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Streamline the small (but important) stuff, so you can get back to doing what you do best. our Education Management System provides you with the best features for your management system. Manage your institution better with Education Management.